Sustainability – the Shoeboxed Australia approach

Did you know, research says by 2017, there will be about 3.6 billion Internet users – that’s more than 48% of the world’s projected population. And not surprisingly, as demand increases, so does electricity usage, along with concerns for the environment.

Being a tech startup and hosting our fair share of data in the cloud, we’re aware that we – in our very small, startup kind of way – contribute to that number. So we’ve found a few ways to ensure we’re doing our best to operate sustainably.

Of course, if you’ve arrived here from our company overview page, you might have come across a little something about the planting of inflatable trees and how our coffee consumption directly saves the lives of the enigmatic North Queensland Orangutan, because hey, we like to keep things a little light-hearted around here. But on a more serious note, we do try our best to operate sustainably in a number of ways:

The Magic Envelopemagic-envelope png

Shoeboxed Australia’s blue Magic Envelopes that you use to get your invoices, receipts and other important documents to us are made using Tyvek. Tyvek is recyclable as a number 2 on the plastics scale, which means you can put it in your curbside recycling. And, even if someone fails to recycle it, Tyvek can be safely incinerated because it yields only water and carbon dioxide, which means it leaves no residue!

Once your receipts, invoices and other important documents have arrived safely via Magic Envelope at Shoeboxed’s HQ in Sydney’s Crows Nest, you also have the option to have your receipts returned to you or shredded.

If you’re on a Shoeboxed Lite plan, all the invoices, receipts and important documents you send us will be securely shredded using ShredLock – Australia’s first NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) AAA-certified mobile ‘on-site’ service provider.

If you’re a Classic, Business or Executive plan user, you have the option to have your documents returned to you (that’s free of course) or alternatively, you can choose to enable the ‘shred and recycle’ option in your account.

So you want to do your part to be a little greener? Simply go to your account settings, go to my mail-in settings and check the shred and recycle my documents box. How easy is that?

The shredding process

1. Once data has been recorded, your confidential documents, which are now ready for destruction, are placed in the locked bins at Shoeboxed Australia HQ

2. Security Certified Shredlock customer service collects the locked bins and transports them to the mobile shredding truck

3. Once inside the secure work area, the bin is unlocked under CCTV surveillance

4. Using a board shredder, the contents of the bin, including your documents, are shredded into small, unrecognisable pieces

5. The bins are locked and returned to Shoeboxed offices, accompanied by a Certificate of Destruction

6. The shredded materials are then unloaded at a recycling depot to be made into new products

At Shoeboxed Australia HQ

Of course, at Shoeboxed Australia, we consider sustainability to be about more than just recycling paper, using environmentally friendly products and saving the trees. For Shoeboxed Australia – and we’re sure you might agree – sustainability is about lightening one’s footprint, while contributing to the sustainability of the community around you – and for us, that means you, Australia!

That’s why we choose to employ mums seeking part-time and flexible hours, students and the long term unemployed. Our ongoing commitment to some of the community’s more disadvantaged job seekers supports local families and facilitates the beginnings of community by engaging those who might not otherwise be able to participate in the community.

As the ancient Chinese proverb says “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” – and that’s exactly why at Shoeboxed Australia, we’re committed to the long-term sustainability of the Australian community!

Of course, if you’d like to know more about Shoeboxed’s sustainability efforts, or if you’ve got a suggestion, feel free to give us a call on 1300 00 1333 (AU) or 0508 00 1333 (NZ) or drop us a note.

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