2021: a year in review

Hey folks, here we are at the end of another year, and wow, has it been *a* year!


The biggest (and very delayed) news is that Squirrel Street is under new ownership! Earlier this year, Simon, our fearless leader for the past 10 years, sold the business to Cate Kemp. Cate runs her own very successful finops practice, and used to be Squirrel Street’s Accountant & Bookkeeper Evangelist, so she knows this business inside out. Cate brought Rai on as General Manager. If that name sounds familiar, Rai was formerly VP Product right here at Squirrel Street. Simon will always be part of our family as an advisor – we won’t let him go that easy!

One thing we didn’t see coming was our overseas Magic envelope supplier of years ceasing to deliver internationally. (Thanks CoVid!) Those on mail-in plans would have noticed that the envelopes being sent out look different now. We managed to source a new supplier of the practically indestructible Tyvek envelopes, but have had issues finding a printer who can work with the material here in Australia. The search continues, meanwhile we think the current, stickered, Tyvek envelopes have a pretty sweet minimalist look about them 🙂

Photo by Josh Hild

The *other* thing we didn’t see coming was the lockdown in Sydney from June to October! Our team and operations are mainly Sydney-based, so this had the potential to badly disrupt our, and therefore your, operations but thankfully we managed to take it in stride. Massive props to our processing partners Jigsaw, who made sure documents received via post continued to be received and scanned.

So yeah, it has been an intense rollercoaster of a year, and we’re looking forward to winding down for a bit. We will continue to process digital documents on the non-holiday days of the rest of the year, but we won’t be processing mailed documents between 23nd Dec 2021 – 7th Jan 2022.

We hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday and that you get to spend a lot of quality time with your loved ones. Here’s to new making new happy memories! May the new year bring more smiles and joy for all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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