Your Online Security

Receipts are important records of your daily life, and we are absolutely dedicated to the security of your information. From Day One when we started programming the site, we have kept security as our highest priority, and we believe that it is in fact safer to store your receipts on SquirrelStreet than it is to keep them at home.

When you start using Squirrel Street, the new permanent home of your receipts is, where you can view them from any Internet-connected computer. The connection between your Internet browser and SquirrelStreet is secured by Secure Socket Layer encryption (or SSL), the same strong encryption used by online banks and medical information services. This makes it virtually impossible for someone to intercept and make sense of communication between your computer and our servers.

While your receipts are housed in Squirrel Street, we are dedicated to keeping them safe and secure. Our networks are designed with security in mind and are constantly monitored.

To insure against hardware failure or natural disaster, our servers are backed up at least every 24 hours to an undisclosed remote location. We are equipped to have the most recent backup of the site up and running on new servers at a remote site within five business days of a catastrophe. For this reason alone, SquirrelStreet can be much safer than your home computer for organising receipts. Our servers also have multiple connections to the internet for uninterrupted access.

Receipt Mail-In Security

While your receipts are in transit, they are subject to the security policies of Australia Post (or whatever carrier you use to expedite them). Once we receive them, one of two authorised people will retrieve them from the PO Box and carry them directly to our processing facilities. All of our employees are subject to background checking before we hire them, and all employees closely supervised.


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