Enterprise e-Invoicing

Connecting to your SME customers & suppliers

Storecove has acquired Squirrel Street’s Enterprise e-Invoicing business
which now provides e-Invoicing services across Asia Pacific and the world.


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What is e-Invoicing?

The complete digitisation of invoices, eliminating paper, PDF and manual data entry.  This allows invoices and billing data to be exchanged automatically between supplier and buyer accounting systems.


The supplier sends a sales invoice in a digital format.

e-Invoice Generated

e-Invoicing technology reads the data within the invoice, automatically converts it into an invoice format and enters it into the customer's accounting software.


The e-Invoice appears in customer's accounting system in seconds without the need for any data entry.

Why should I implement e-Invoicing?

e-Invoicing can deliver more than​ 70% saving​ by reducing the average cost to process paper or PDF invoices from $30.87 and $27.97 per invoice, respectively, to only $9.18.

Benefits include:

For The Supplier
For The Customer
Healthier cash flow Reduced data entry
Automated processes – freeing up time to focus on revenue generation Reduced admin
Reduced errors – enabled faster cash receipts and stronger customer relationships Fewer late payment fees
Streamlined accounts reconciliation Streamlined accounts reconciliation
Reduced duplicate invoices and fewer payment errors
Who is it for?

e-Invoicing solutions are beneficial for both SMEs and large organisations. SMEs are able to focus on revenue-generating activities. Organisations with significant numbers of customers and/or suppliers experience a fast ROI by eliminating the need to produce and/or process large number of invoices.