Join us – and the United Nations – in action against climate change!

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference is taking place in Paris at the end of the month and it’s gotten us here at Shoeboxed thinking about climate change and how we can contribute to the solution.

Did you know that a tonne of paper consumes approximately 20 full-grown trees, over 90,000 litres of water, over 1.2 tonnes of coal and an assortment of chemicals?
The greenhouse gas emissions of this tonne of paper are approximately 8 tonnes (with a tonne of recycled paper emitting approximately 2 tonnes of greenhouse gases), according to the Federal Government’s Green Office Guide.

Did you know that every year, each Australian office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of A4 paper?

Shoeboxed wants to encourage going green so here are a few tips to jump into “green culture”:

  • Ask your suppliers to email rather than post paper invoices. Then simply forward them to your Shoeboxed Submission email address and take paper out of the equation!
  • Take a photo of receipts “on the go” and recycle. Our iPhone, iPad and Android apps make this a breeze!




Going digital (email or iPhone/Android) will not only save paper, but will also save you time. This will eliminate postage delays and all digital submission will be done within less than 1 business day whatever your account plan is!




  • Return unused Magic envelopes to us: simply throw all the empty new Magic envelopes you have lying around with your next batch of receipts. We can reuse them and reduce landfill.
  • Reduce the number of envelopes you send us:
    • For paper receipts, fill the envelope to brim before sending. That’ll reduce the number of envelopes you send. Our envelopes are made of Tyvek, which is pretty much indestructible, so don’t worry they won’t break.
    • If you like to use separate envelopes to ‘batch’ your receipts by envelope codes, use plastic sleeves to separate your receipts in one envelope instead. We’ll process each plastic sleeve under a unique envelope code so the end result is the same for you.
    • For a large backlog of documents, use a box and stick a Magic envelope on it where the postal address should go. That’s it, that’ll get your box to us!
    • Ask us to shred your documents instead of having them returned to you. This is the default for our customers on the Lite plan. If you’re on a larger plan, you can enable shredding by using “go green” option found in your account Settings/Mail-in settings.

On top of saving paper, you’ll save space in your office, no more filing cabinets full of paper! Shoeboxed is an ATO registered document storage service so you actually don’t need the paper version.

Go green, save the environment, save space, save time – it’s win-win all around!

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