Company Overview

We Are Squirrel Street

At Squirrel Street, our aim is to eliminate the need for data entry, so that our customers can focus on the parts of their business that really matter to them. As the industry leader in digitising and organising receipts, invoices, and business documents, we help our customers free up more time by making their lives easier.

In 2010, Simon Foster, founder & CEO of Squirrel Street (formerly Shoeboxed Australia), brought the company to Australia. He has since been credited as being one of the earliest drivers of receipt scanning technologies for the small business and accounting/bookkeeping sectors in the country.

Our History

In June 2015, the company mutually split from its US parent company, Shoeboxed Inc., and rebranded as Squirrel Street. This decision allowed for better focus on the differing customer needs of Australian and New Zealand small businesses and their owners. For more information, please read the full media coverage here. This ultimately led to Squirrel Street forging its own unique path, creating greater opportunities to better meet the needs of the local market. The renewed focus on Australia and New Zealand has allowed Squirrel Street to also remain as technologically relevant as possible.

Since 2015, Squirrel Street has been solely working with local Aussie and Kiwi accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners in mind. All documents are processed by our team in Sydney and not offshore. We believe each customer deserves our individual time.

Squirrel Street also meets all the ATO’s conditions for the use of digital receipts for BAS, annual returns, audits and other reporting requirements.

What makes Squirrel Street different?

Squirrel Street is the only digital receipt management provider registered with the ATO.

Squirrel Street is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Squirrel Street supports local businesses, their owners, and their employees too.

We are committed to helping Australia’s more disadvantaged job seekers find employment and remain employed. Our staff also includes parents seeking part-time and flexible schedules, students, and the long-term unemployed.
Squirrel Street actively supports Fighting Chance and their mission to help people with disabilities through employment programs.

”I congratulate the Squirrel Street team on your genuine commitment to the long-term unemployed [and] thank you for helping some of our more disadvantaged job seekers find and remain in work.”

– Kate Ellis, Minister for Employment Participation.

Squirrel Street’s commitment to sustainability


While hoping to create a better organised environment for our customers and clients, we’re also helping to eliminate the need for paperwork by reducing the use of paper altogether. How do we do this? By moving everything into the digital space.

We encourage our customers to use many of our submission methods to reduce paper handling. For example, customers can forward email receipts for processing instead of printing out a piece of paper. Customers can also send images and a variety of other document types for processing!

Online security with Squirrel Street

At Squirrel Street, the security of our customers’ data is our number one priority.
Receipts, invoices and other important business documents are all housed at Squirrel Street, and we are dedicated to keeping them safe and secure. What’s more, all data is verified by our Processing Team working behind the scenes, not computers. This is done to ensure that all your financial data is as accurate as can be.

Our networks have been designed with security in mind, and are constantly monitored. For more information about our security, click here.

For any questions or feedback, please contact us on 1300 00 1333 (AU) or 0508 00 1333 (NZ). Not a fan of the phone? Simply drop us a note instead.