Laurel Grey’s top tips on productivity, happiness & organisation

get-digital-flow_logoWell, here we are, one month into the new financial year already! How time flies when you’re having… err, fun…at tax time. Now’s another of those times when it feels a bit like new year ‘do over’.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.54.14 pmSo we thought you might like a few tips to ensure that your 2015/16 FY is your most productive yet!

Meet Laurel Grey (that’s her on the right!), organiser extraordinaire and founder of Get Digital Flow. According to Laurel, being organised is 99% of the way to being more successful in business and life (and less overwhelmed to boot).

Laurel recently sat down with us to share her top tips on productivity, happiness and organisation. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Success and organisation are all about building good habits – They don’t have to be a big deal in order to make a big impact. Laurel is a fan of Shoeboxed and the example she gave us was to create the simple habit of posting off your magic envelope on a Friday afternoon (or upload via the app if that’s more your style). It’s something that’s so simple, but when it’s done, you know your work week is done, your car/desk/wallet/handbag is clear of clutter and that frees you up to get on with your weekend!

2. Let go and delegate! Let go of the little things and free up the time to do what you actually need/want to do in your business. Focus on the things you’re great at and outsource anything that’s a time or energy drain (like admin and data entry).

3. Security? It’s called LastPass. Store all of your passwords in an encrypted system. At least then, you can change your passwords and no one else can get access to them! (And we love it too – in fact it made a blog post on technology we’re loving right now).

4. Get everything in one place – Make life easy. Have all your contacts, tasks, invoices, everything at hand and in the cloud! She very strongly suggests getting a cloud-based accounting system if you don’t already have one.

5. Block out time and schedule things in! At the end of the day/week take a moment to pause, review what you’ve accomplished and which tasks (business and personal) still need to be completed. Then set time aside in your diary to prioritise and get those things done! Don’t multitask, just focus and plough through them.

We’ll check back in with Laurel for further suggestions in the coming months. In the meantime, feel free to share your productivity tips with us via twitter @shoeboxedaust or on our Facebook page.

We also asked Laurel about one of her best customer success stories and found that the key to their success was ditching the data entry, allowing them to focus more on business, and less on paperwork. Now they have hired – instead of more data entry people – more customer service people, which according to Laurel, “is a really beautiful thing”.

Imagine being able to focus your staff, or even your own time, on actually interacting with your customers to make sure things are always moving forward and your customers are happy. Small business should be less about the data entry and more about customer service – and that extra level of customer service can potentially give your business a real competitive edge in the Australian market.

Of course, if you’d like to talk more about ditching the data entry and streamlining your processes to become more organised like Laurel, you can call us on 1300 00 1333 (AU) or 0508 00 1333 (NZ) or drop us a note.

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