Shoeboxed representin’ in the community

Us Shoeboxers aren’t just sitting in the office staring at the walls and planning to ‘take over the world!‘ everyday. We try and get out there as much as we can and give back to the community.

Alex our growth-hacker-in-training took time off in April to teach at kids coding at Code Camp during the school holidays. When he got back we asked how it went, and his response was “Yeah, it was great! It was really incredible to see how quick and enthusiastic the kids are about learning how to code. Within the first 2 days they started being able to branch off on their own and make complex actions, characters and game levels on their own with minimal supervision. At the end of the camp all of the kids had managed to create games that would not have been out of place on the App Store. It bodes well for the future that technology is no longer a domain only for ‘techies’ but is becoming increasingly accessible to all.” Wow! On ya kids and Code Camp! What an awesome program!

Our Practice Improvement Manager Cate Kemp has been appointed as a member of the ATO’s BAS Agent Association Group and Simon our CEO has joined the Australian Business Software Industry Association (ABSIA) board, adding more nodes of communication between you, Shoeboxed and industry. More active collaboration can only mean good things for us all.

And of course, in case you’ve missed it, Jono Hermann our Chairman has been championing #ShoeboxedSavesLives over the past few months to get a mobile Red Cross unit to Crows Nest. If you’re in the hood, please do take a moment and pledge your support!

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