Shoeboxed Australia is back online! Now, it’s over to you:

We’re pleased to announce that the migration went as planned over the weekend and we have successfully completed the move from US to Australian servers! Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes over the last week, it’s great to have such supportive customers.

We are now ready to accept and process your documents, and you can access, view and export them as you need. We’ve tried to automate as much of the migration process as possible, but a few things may need your action to get things going smoothly:

For all Shoeboxed users:
To login, we recommend using the link at the top right of our home page.

Screenshot 2016-01-14 16.35.35.png

However, if you have the log in page bookmarked in your browser, then make sure to change it to; ditto for any other bookmarks that point directly to the app which will need to be changed to point to our new domain.

You will also need to update your mobile apps. For iOS users who don’t have automatic updates, please update from the AppStore, or click here. All Android users will need to change to our new Shoeboxed Australia app, which is available here.

Please be aware that document search won’t be fully functional until the reindexing processes have finished. This could take up to a week, so you might see incomplete search results till then.

For Shoeboxed users who use any of our integrations with other apps:
Unfortunately, moving servers means that most connections between Shoeboxed and other apps need to be reauthenticated.

Information about each of our integrations:

Desktop Uploaders for Mac and Windows: These will be rendered defunct with the migration.  We have released a new Dropbox integration that allows upload as well as backup of documents between Shoeboxed and your device. To find out more about the integration and how to set it up, see our Dropbox integration guide.

Evernote: Please reauthenticate here.

Gmail Receipt Sync: Please reauthenticate here.

Google Contact Manager: Please reauthenticate here.

MYOB Classic: No reauthentication required.

MYOB Essentials: No reauthentication required.

MYOB AccountRight Live: No reauthentication required.

QBO: You’ll be prompted to reauthenticate next time you export.

Saasu: No reauthentication required.

Sage One: No reauthentication required.

Shoedropper: Please use the new Dropbox integration.

Xero V1 (accessed from Receipts Page -> Export -> Other): You will be prompted next time you do an export.

Xero V2 (accessed via the new integrations page): If you use Automatic or Advanced mode, please reauthenticate here. Otherwise, you will be prompted next time you export. For more info on reauthentication, please see the Reauthentication FAQ.
[If you are unsure which Xero integration you are using, you are probably on Xero V1.  Get in touch with us, and we’ll check … and tell you about the awesomeness of Xero V2]

If you need help with anything at all, please feel free to get in touch with our support team or call on 1300 00 1333 (AU) or 0508 00 1333 (NZ).

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