Release notes: Backup and upload new documents using your Dropbox folder

In all the madness of our recent migration, you might have missed a very exciting piece of news…. We released a new Dropbox integration!

The new Dropbox integration allows you to:

  • Upload documents directly from your devices into your Shoeboxed account
  • Backup all documents added to your account via any of our many submission methods (mobile app, snail mail, email for example) into one convenient place

Once you’ve linked your Shoeboxed account to your Dropbox account, uploading documents becomes as simple as dropping a document into the upload folder. The document will be uploaded to Shoeboxed where it will be processed as per normal, and added to the Receipts or Other Document table as appropriate. At that stage, the document you added to the upload folder will be automatically moved into the backup folder to indicate it has been uploaded and processed. Easy peasy!


You can find it on our Integrations Page, and if you’re looking for a primer about setting it all up, hit up the Dropbox how-to on our support page.

It’s a first version, and we have a list of improvements we need to get to, like better management of documents belonging to an envelope for example. If you have any feedback or feature requests as you use this, please feel free to drop me a line at rai (at) I’m interested in your experience and how we can make it work better for you.

Hope this helps with your document management processes!

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