Release notes: What’s in the latest iOS update

We’ve put out a major update to the iOS app, as some of you might have noticed when being prompted to update your app by App Store. (Android app users, we haven’t forgotten you! Hang tight, we have something in the works for you too!)

The big thing in this update is the addition of multi-page receipts. You can now take a series of photos of separate pages of one document (say an invoice with an EFTPOS receipt) and upload it as one document!

You’ll see the option when you tap on the Add icon – listed as ‘Multi-page receipt’:
Selecting that will allow you to take multiple images to upload into one receipt:
You can even reorder the images, or delete images from the sequence before tapping Done. Simply tap and hold down on the image thumbnail and drag it to your desired position in the thumbnail bar.

Other improvements include the ability to turn off the ‘Submitted by’ category from within Settings, UI improvements for those of you with multiple accounts, a bunch of work on app stability, as well as squashing of a bunch of minor bugs. (Yes, that is a totes appropriate technical term :P) We’ve also added the .pdf extension to the receipts export email, so those of you using email clients like Outlook won’t see extension-less attachments anymore. Woo hoo!

Let us know what you think, and if there’s something majorly bothering you, please do drop us a line and let us know! Oh, and if you like what we’ve done in this update, please do leave us a review in the App Store.

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