Upcoming BAS Lodgement Dates

It’s that time again: BAS filing. It’s not the most joyous time of year: but it is pretty important!

We noticed that a lot of customers were submitting their documents early, and we thought it would be nice to send friendly reminders out to everyone else. [Not that you aren’t perfectly organised and aware of all filing dates already!]

Check out this handy page that the ATO has created to help you plan ahead.

For small businesses, note these dates:

28 April
– Q3 BAS lodgment (paper)
– Q3 GST & PAYG payment (paper lodgment)
– Q3 Super payment
12 May
– Q3 BAS lodgement & payment (electronic lodgement)


If you lodge via your bookkeeper or accountant, you may have a later filing deadline.  Please speak with them or check our new directory to find an accountant or bookkeeper that can help you!

Happy BAS filings! -The Shoeboxed Australia team


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