Presenting our new plans

Last week we launched our new plans, based on your feedback.  What we heard was that you wanted Magic Envelopes on all of our plans, and smaller differentials between plans so that it was easier to step up or down from your current plan when your needs change.  Additionally, we’ve removed the account user limits so you can share with staff, your bookkeeper and your accountant.  We really do want you to be able to choose the best plan for your document requirements without worrying about the number of people who can have access to the account.

Our new plans are outlined below:  (in Australian dollars, GST inclusive)

Price announcement email - pricing tableIf you’re familiar with our old plans, you’ll notice that we’ve introduced a limit on the number of Magic Envelope submissions included per month as well as introduced a flat fee per month to return your mailed in documents. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to continue absorbing postage costs as Australia Post has almost doubled their prices to us over the last few years.

We have worked out though, that for a lot of you, dropping down to a smaller plan which better suits your usage and adding the charge for submitting an extra Magic Envelope or document return monthly charge will work out cheaper.  We’re happy to help you figure all this out, drop us a line and we’ll have a look at your historical usage and help you find the best plan for your needs. Also, don’t forget that you can still send us a many as your own envelopes – all you need is to insert a coversheet with your documents.  So for those of you using Express Post or courier services and using our secure shred and recycle services there’s no change at all.

What’s that about secure shred and recycle, you ask?  If you don’t want to pay for document return you can join the majority of our customers who leave it with us.  Well, we keep them in our secured operations centre for a minimum of 4 weeks, and then have them securely shredded and recycled on-site.

Remember that Shoeboxed is ATO certified, so every image of your documents in Shoeboxed is valid as proof of the original – if you are ever in the situation of having to show original records of your documents, for example in the case of an audit. Your documents will sit in your Shoeboxed account until you decide to delete them, so there’s really no reason to worry about storing paper originals. Who has the time or space for that?! 🙂

A final point on document return – it is entirely in your control if you want it turned off or on, and also when you want it off or on. So you could have document return turned off, but you’re sending us a bunch of documents you’d really rather have returned to your possession – you’d only need to have document return turned on for that month!  If you only realise after we’ve processed your documents that you need something back (for example, we have received valid passports and truck registration stickers, in the past) you can just let us know and we’ll arrange for their return.  Make sure you do it within the 4 weeks that we retain them.

Finally, the cost of managing your taxation matters is potentially deductible for you. We highly recommend that you check with an accountant, bookkeeper or tax agent and make full use of available deductions for your specific situation.  That also means that upgrading to one of our Annual Plans before 30 June could be very beneficial.

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