Shoeboxed Australia one of first 8 business solutions to be made available on PwC’s cloud platform

Coral Reef at Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife RefugeWe’re super chuffed here at Shoeboxed Australia to be one of the first 8 Australasian startups to launch on PwC‘s brand new cloud accounting platform, Next.

Next brings together a suite of cloud-based business applications to create an ecosystem which enables customisable solutions and real time collaboration between advisers and clients.

PwC’s Private Clients’ Leader David Wills said, “Our work with local startups is a great example of how larger businesses can collaborate with agile startups and emerging companies to create unique solutions for the Australian business community. And by collaborating with these innovative companies, we can harness PwC’s deep industry expertise and collective experience to give our clients insights far beyond what the market is currently delivering.” We echo Wills’ sentiment since we believe that Australia will benefit immensely from established businesses and startups working together to provide localised technology solutions for our customers and ultimately for small businesses across Australia & New Zealand.

There is little data available on the actual take-up of cloud accounting amongst small business, but there is certainly a lot of talk and press about it and an increasing number of suppliers of cloud products.  We believe that we are in the ‘Growth’ phase of small business using one of the variety of online accounting platforms. By also subscribing to some of the 100s of add-ons now available to enhance the features of these accounting packages, small business owners can create a complete online back-office.

PwC joins Telstra and others that are partnering with Shoeboxed in an environment where our politicians are also jumping on the Innovation freight train!  We hope that together with these partners, we will help make small business an even more efficient and transparent engine of growth in our economy.

To the next level! 😉

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