Improved Accounting Software Integrations in Squirrel Street

As the End of Financial Year approaches, you may be reviewing your accounting process, including naming conventions in your Chart of Accounts (or ledger account names).

Well we have some great news for you!

We’ve just released an update which will sync naming changes, plus some extra improvements to your integration.

Read on for details.

Chart of Accounts (CoA) changes will sync across Squirrel Street and your Accounting Software

Making some name changes to that temporarily named ‘Expense – Sundry Stationery’ account, or doing some much needed cleaning up because there are too many accounts?

Whatever changes you make to your CoA, be it in Xero, Myob, Saasu, QBO, or SageOne, it will also be updated in your Squirrel Street account in the next sync!

That’s one less hassle for your EOFY mind 🙂

If you have the Export set to Automatic settings: every two hours your accounts will sync, and so will your CoA names.
If you have the Export set to Manual settings: the next time you push ‘Export now’, your CoA changes will be synced with Squirrel Street categories.

I am deleting unused CoA in my accounting software

If you have unused CoA in your accounting software, and you delete them, they will also be deleted in Squirrel Street in the next sync.
This is provided that no existing transactions link to them, or there is no rule created for it in Squirrel Street.

I want to delete a used CoA in my accounting software

If a previously used CoA is being deleted in your accounting software, it will remain in Squirrel Street as past receipts link to it.
However, you will receive an error message in your receipt ‘Note’ area if you try to export to it:

In the above example, the CoA ‘Xerov2 – 490 – DIRECT Program Marketing and Events’ was removed in XERO, but remains in Squirrel Street.

We’ve made the Export History options a little clearer too

It will now clearly show what was exported, so you can get to the search results faster!

Intuit QuickBooks Online CoA now display numbers

We have also included numbers in certain CoA names for our QuickBooks Online integrations.


These changes couldn’t have happened without the hard work from our Squirrel Street team, and feedback from our valued customers. We love receiving them for this very reason!

Leave us a comment, let us know what you think!

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