Updates to our new user interface, and how to score some free credits!

What’s new in the new UI (User Interface)?

Custom tabs are now available in View and export to help you create your own workflow.
Watch this quick demo:

Our menu options have changed

New menu options have been included and updated. These include:
Dashboard: Your stats overview 
Submit: Web uploader and ‘Awaiting Processing’ queue 
View and export: This replaces the ‘Receipts’ section 
Automate: Manage your categories and vendor rules 
Report: View or create reports 

Edit GL codes

You can edit your GL codes from the main document section under ‘View and export‘. No need to leave the list anymore.

Toggle between document types

You can now see all your receipts, invoices and other documents in the same area. You can also choose to see or hide each of these document types too!

Toggle between old and new UI

You can now set your favourite version of Squirrel Street the next time you login.
Simply head to digit.squirrelstreet.com and login to the new UI.
Then follow Settings: User Settings > UI Settings from the new UI menu area to select your default version.

General Overview

For a quick demo of our new UI, this General Overview video is highly recommended for absolute beginners, as well as current users looking for a refresher.
We will walk you through the Squirrel Street process and show you around the new UI.
Watch it here!

Feedback and free credits

We’re offering 20 free credits to existing users in return for feedback on our new UI.

Simply send us an email before 31 Dec 2018, with the subject ‘New UI Feedback’ and include your opinions in the body. We’ll apply 20 credits into your account right away.

Here are some example to get you started:

  • I like/don’t like an “ACTION” button because I can/can’t do an “ACTION” much quicker 
  • I would like to see a BUTTON/FEATURE in the menu bar called “NAME” that does xyz because … 
  • I would prefer the “BUTTON/LINK” in the “SECTION” column be moved to the “OTHER SECTION panel” because …
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