System Migration: Change is Progress

Change is not always fun, but this time it was for the better! Over the past couple weeks Shoeboxed has been migrating to a new billing system. For users, this might not sound exciting but we can assure you that this is a mutually beneficial change.

We want to focus on core benefits for our customers without the hassle of constantly managing backend infrastructure. Our billing systems were built in 2006/07 and were proving difficult with managing some billing and subscriptions for our customers. This new technology architecture will allow us the freedom to get back to our main focus: our customers and processing their business documents.

This change will open up the possibilities to an updated user interface, and a more logical user and account relationship.

New things for everyone:

  • We will now be able to accept American Express
  • Usernames are no longer accepted, log-in with your registered email address OR log in with ‘your-username’
  • Credit card statements will show “Shoeboxed Australia” instead of our merchant provider
  • Our Android, iPhone and iPad apps now allow you to track mileage, and generate receipts
  • Users can now invite others to access their account (i.e. accountants, bookkeepers, and other admin or staff)
  • New Dropbox integrations
  • Improved existing integrations (credit note support, invoice number extraction, automatic exports, etc.)
  • Quickbooks Online support
  • MYOB AccountRight Live support

New things for our ProPartners & multi-seats:

  • User logins will be separated from accounts. This means your staff and clients can each have a unique login, and access a single (or multiple) account.
  • Invite clients to access Shoeboxed accounts with their own email address.  No more resetting passwords for clients!
  • Notifications will be sent separately to each user associated with an account (and can be controlled at an individual user level)
  • Direct Shoeboxed clients can invite you to access their account, without you having to take over billing for them

Where nobody is a fan of doing major migration changes, we wanted this to be a transparent for our customers. It has meant a few ‘pesky emails’ for some, and a few phone calls for others, but overall our change is leading to progress that will enable more flexibility. The flexibility for our customers to access and utilise their accounts, and flexibility for our team to maintain the positive progress.

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