Track Mileage & Receipts to Deduct: updated Shoeboxed mobile app!

The Shoeboxed team has decided to raise the bar for mobile receipt apps and has launched some fancy new features: mileage tracking and receipt tagging! The new app is now available as a free download for iOS and is coming soon for Android.

Mileage Tracking

Using you phone’s built-in GPS you’ll be able to track mileage for unmatched ease and accuracy!

Simply navigate to the “trips” area of the app and click the “start Trip” button to begin a new adventure. Your location is saved, drop your phone in a cupholder and begin your adventure! When you reach your destination, click “stop trip” and the app will generate a trip summary that includes the date, ability to name the trip, editablemileage and deductible rate information. The app will even show you the route you took!

Once you’ve edited and approved the information, click “Done” and the trip information will be submitted to your Shoeboxed account as a receipt under an automatically created category for mileage. We’ll even throw in the map as a souvenier for the trip!

The app even works if you need to stop on the way for business purpose, perhaps for a lunch meeting: you can still submit a receipt for the meal without interrupting your trip.

Tagging for Tax Deductible Receipts

Now, after you submit a new receipt, we’ll give you three options: “Remind me to reimburse this,” “This is tax deductible,” or “I’m not sure.”

The first two options will automatically create a new category in your Shoeboxed account — “Reimbursable” and “Tax Deductible” — so that you can easily create reports with just receipts that match this criteria. Then you can submit the report to your employer to be reimbursed, or reference the report come tax time to make sure you take all of the deductions for which you qualify.

Not sure what should be reimbursed and what should be deducted? Check out our directory and find an accountant/bookkeeper to help you with the most common deductions and how they can help you save on your taxes.

As always, if you have any questions or want to learn more about our new app feel free to contact us at or give us a call at 1300 00 1333.

Stay organised,

The Shoeboxed Australia Team

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