It’s the End of the Financial Year. Don’t panic! We’ve got tips!

We know it’s a crazy time for anyone involved preparing those annoying reports for the ATO… tax returns, hey? We’ve been speaking with quite a few of you, and we can hear the stress in your voices! We’ve also seen a significant increase in the number of documents being sent to us, which indicates to us that there must be *A LOT* of backlog-processing happening behind the scenes.  It could be just a higher than usual amount of court orders … but we know that people who have been using Shoeboxed for a while would never fall that far behind! :O
Doing a “catch up” for the year or several years!?  No sweat with Shoeboxed!

Got to do your annual return or doing it for a client? No need to wade through receipts, invoices or bank statements. Send them in and we’ll present them to you online, with the name, date, total amount, and GST extracted for you to use in excel or your accounting platform. Get through whole archive boxes in no time at all.

What about GST?

Shoeboxed has you covered, extracting the exact GST amount from each invoice, and making it easy for you to claim correctly on any portion of an invoice, without a magnifying glass!

Ditch the Data Entry

Once your documents are processed you can quickly and easily sort, filter, find and export expenses to your accounting software, Excel or .pdf for easy filing – with compliant GST records and source documents attached. Get your GL entries in before you reconcile, and you’ll improve your compliance.

Kick the Clutter – no more filing! (for anyone)

No need to spend hours filing documents – we store them all for you, for as long as you need, online in a secure environment. Better still, if you need to find them fast, it’s as simple as hitting search, from anywhere you are. All you need is wifi!

Breeze through an Audit

If you’re issued with a Document Request List or full audit review – it’s just too easy if you’ve been using Shoeboxed. Set your date range, and export to pdf or excel.  Read more about our Audit Protection program here.

Need transaction details for year-end review?

With source documents available from within your accounting software, you, your clients or their agents can easily see the detail behind each GL entry (accountant speak for transaction) you’ve generated from Shoeboxed.

If you’ve been using Shoeboxed all year…

Then you’re ready to go, with all the documentation you need to sail through your year end work papers, including statements, share and investment notices, insurance certificates, and expenses. Even better, you’ve saved so much time and money in data entry, administration and GST compliance that you’re laughing all the way to filing your tax return.

If not, don’t worry! Let’s help you with June, and start a new financial year with efficient processing, and Shoeboxed’s smart automation, coding, and management. Spend… and snap! All done!


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