The New Shoeboxed iPhone App Has Arrived!

The new Shoeboxed Receipt & Mileage Tracker is available now!

The new app features a completely redesigned interface that’s been optimised for iOS 7, as well as a slew of new, highly-requested features that will take your Shoeboxed mobile experience to a whole new level:

  • Syncs all receipts & business cards, across all devices. If a receipt is available online, it will be available on your phone. Which means access to all of your documents directly from your back pocket.
  • DIY data enter receipts from the phone. Whether you’re a DIY or paying user, you need a receipt in a pinch, or we got something wrong – quickly and easily edit the receipt from the phone.
  • Mileage receipts no longer have to go through data entry. We already have the information, why wait for the receipt to process? As soon as a trip is completed, the receipt and data is ready for all of your expensing needs, instantly!
  • Switch between any Shoeboxed accounts you have access to. Log in once and you’re ready to go. No more restrictions on which accounts you can submit to on the go.

Head on over to the App Store now to download the brand new Shoeboxed Receipt & Mileage Tracker. We will love to know what you think and any feedback you might have!

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