Australia Post affecting returning documents

This month, Australia Post has announced a few changes that affect the speed of mail deliveries, how often deliveries take place, increased prices, as well as a few other changes.

Shoeboxed maintains a healthy relationship with Australia Post (those magic envelopes unfortunately can’t mail themselves…) and we wanted to let our customers know HOW these changes might affect the service.

Magic Envelopes:

We will still receive envelopes promptly! Seeing as Australia Post does not get paid until reply-paid envelopes are delivered: they are quite prompt in making sure your documents make it to our office.
Returned Documents:

For Classic, Business and Executive plans that get their documents returned after processing, there will be a two day delay held on the postage by Australia Post. To balance this out: we have prioritised sending new magic envelopes to customers that select our green option of: ‘secure store, shred, and recycle’ for their processed documents.

If you don’t want your documents back and wish to have new Magic Envelopes sent to you faster, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Shoeboxed Account
  2. Under ‘Account Settings’ select ‘My mail-in settings’ on the left
  3. Click the Green(er) option above your preferred address For users that have multiple accounts or ProPartners: you will need to repeat this for each individual account. 
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