Smooth Out Mobile App Adoption at Your Company

Look carefully and you just might spot it–maybe at a coffee shop or a restaurant, maybe at a library or bookstore. Somewhere, right now, a real, live millennial is groaning in frustration at these newfangled, complicated smartphones.

That’s right, difficulties with mobile app adoption do exist outside of sitcoms and stand-up comedy routines, and they’re not unique to those of us who grew up when a dot matrix printer was cutting-edge. While they present a marketing concern to companies who

Appoint an Expert

Many frustrations with mobile app adoption stem from a lack of information–on how to use the app, how to customise the app’s settings, and how to install an upgraded version, for example. Make sure someone at your company is skilled enough at using the app you’re adopting to answer questions that the other employees might have. Then, make it clear that this person is there to help others learn to make the most out of the mobile app.

Gamify It!

This tip works particularly well for the Shoeboxed mobile app. It is easy, for example, to set up a friendly contest to see who can use mobile scanning to process the most paperwork. Turning your app adoption process into a game can help ensure company-wide adoption of the mobile app while also raising employee morale. Keep the competition friendly and professional and provide the top employees with some fun prizes, and your company will be the real winner.

Communicate Clearly and Respectfully

Communication is the better part of teaching, and communicating with your team about mobile app adoption should begin in the earliest stages of planning. Throughout the adoption process, make it clear that your team is welcome to come to you with feedback, questions, and suggestions about adopting the mobile app. People are generally more receptive to change that they help bring about, and using clear communication to get your team involved in adopting a mobile app can help make them more receptive to this change in your company.

Although some in the media would have us believe that today’s smartphone tech is as user-friendly as the average baby rattle, the reality is that many people have yet to master smartphones and mobile apps. Although mobile apps have huge potential to make business tasks easier, different learning speeds can make mobile app adoption a contentious subject within your company. Following these tips can help smooth the process out, keep all your employees happy, and make sure adopting a mobile app reaps as much benefit as possible for your business.

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