Release notes: Improved Integration functionality for all users, and added bonus for Xero users

We’re pretty excited about the latest Integration improvement, and we think you’d like these too!

The ‘Select’ function is now on for Exporting!

Great news!

The next time you want to send only a handful of transactions via the Export function, you can now select them and click on ‘Accounting Exports’ to export ONLY the selected.


  • Just make sure their equivalent GL code (or CoA code) have been tagged as a category to each transaction before exporting.
  • If you’re an ‘Advanced’ user, don’t forget the extra ‘Ready to export‘ category tag too.
  • The following categories will not export if they are tagged: Exported, Do not export

Manage your accounting integration from within your account settings

Bonus for Xero Users

For all our Xero Integration users, we have made improvements so that any Purchases/Bills can now have a default due date ranging from 0 – 99.

For all other accounting software users, watch this space!

If you are a Direct Customer:

To apply these changes immediately, click here to get to the Integrations page in Squirrel Street.

Then click on the ‘Edit’ button to update changes.¬†Here’s a preview of what it’ll look like:

Not sure about what these settings mean? Check out this handy guide!

If you are a ProPartner:

If you are a ProPartner, you can apply these changes from the ‘Pending Receipts’ screen from the ProPartner Portal. Click on ‘CHANGE’ to edit the export settings for the account.

You can give us a call on 1300 001 333 or email us if you have any questions.

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5 years ago

Any update on taking due dates over to Saasu at the moment invoice transfer with no due date?

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