Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

There is a pressing need to conserve our environment and Squirrel Street is dedicated to helping it. We are working on reducing paper waste by motivating all business owners to move into the digital space.

Not only do we help organise documents for ease and convenience, we also are working towards making a significant change in our environment.

There is no longer a need to sort through overflowing filing cabinets when all records can be found online.

Here are some unsurprising stats:

From 1996 to 2015 our population grew by 28% but waste generation rose by 170%.

Australia’s paper usage per head is 230kg per year.

94% of office waste can be recycled.

The average office worker uses 50kg of paper a year (10 000 A4 pages).

Recycling 900kg of paper saves 17 mature trees and 26497 litres of water.

Ways to reduce your paper footprint on the planet:

  1. Use your submission email, our mobile app, web uploader or Dropbox – don’t print! Our systems are in place to ensure your data arrives safely and stored securely. It actually beats having paper copies.
  2. Search, view and export your documents using our web app. Have all your data in one place. Make it easier to search and find your receipts*.
  3. Then please take all the paper you no longer need to your recycling bin.

*Once your receipts are submitted to us digitally, allow one business day for them to be processed. Physical documents mailed to us take up to five business days after we receive them in the mail. So that’s another plus to digital submission!
We shred and recycle all mailed in physical documents.

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