Movember at Shoeboxed Australia

The Shoeboxed Australia team has decided to let their upper lips boycott razors for the month of November in a global effort to raise funds for men’s health with Movember!

For those who might not be aware of the movement, you might see an incoming wave of moustaches flooding the faces of your friends and colleagues. Mo brothers and sistas come together to gather support and funding to fight prostate cancer (among other men’s health issues) and men’s mental health programs (Beyond Blue).

This year some members of the Shoeboxed Australia team have passionately become involved, and have been sporting the MOustache and finding ways to get our friends, families and customers involved too!

We are letting customers donate 50% of their first month to movember! (So if you’re interested in signing up for Shoeboxed, or know a friend who is… click here)

If you’re more fascinated with how our facial hair growth is coming along, you can also see our team page with our individual efforts to support the cause. Our most hairless member hustled some donations from a Melbourne Cup fundraising sweeps!

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