Squirrel Street & Saasu


Squirrel Street is integrated with Saasu Easy Online Accounting to simplify entry of your receipts and invoices into Saasu accounts payable. Just collect your documents, mail them to Squirrel Street to be scanned and data-entered, confirm the coding using our ‘fast coding’ interface and then with one click export them to Saasu.

Saasu Integration

Detailed instructions on integrating Squirrel Street with Saasu are available in our Knowledge Base


Saasu is a comprehensive online accounting software system for managing business financials. Saasu has capabilities in sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll, e-commerce, CRM, point of sale, document and workflow management. Saasu’s strong online accounting API enables connection to hundreds of web applications, software products, payment services and banks. Saasu supports many countries and tax zones all from your web browser as either a free or paid subscription.