The Secret is Finally Out! Shoeboxed Australia is now Squirrel Street.



The secret is officially out! Shoeboxed Australia has had a makeover and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our new name, Squirrel Street.

Why the rebrand? It’s simple. In order to stand out and avoid any potential confusion between Shoebox Bookkeeping and Shoeboxed Inc, we decided to start afresh. And why did we go with Squirrel Street? Because squirrels are cute, of course. Most importantly, they squirrel things away just like we do.

So, what does this mean for you? Apart from familiarising yourselves with our new name and fresh property design – nothing at all. Our excellent service will remain the same and our old URLs will be redirected to If you feel like getting extra organised, you can always update your bookmarks and the submission email address to:

No matter what, rest assured knowing all of your blue Magic Envelopes will still reach us. Our new Squirrel Street envelopes however will be on their way soon. We’ve also used this opportunity to re-do our Apple and Android apps.

We hope you enjoy the new Squirrel Street brand as much as we do.


Simon and Team Squirrel

Question time:

1. Has there been a change of ownership?

Not at all. We’re still 100% the same team here.

2. Do I have to do anything?

Not one single thing. There will be no changes on your end. All URLs that have been in use to date will auto-redirect to the new domain.

Our Squirrel Challenge:

Our squirrel needs a name! To get involved, simply embrace your creative side and send us your best suggestions. We’ll get the team to vote on their favourite name, and if yours is the most popular, we’ll squirrel you a Squirrel Street t-shirt in no time!

Comments (15)

Squirrel Name Suggestion: Squizzy

hahahaha I love that!!
Beats my ‘Squirrely the Squirrel’ (which obviously has been vetoed in the office LOL)

Added to the list! Thanks Shane!

…. and of course Rai this took a lot of thought and posting it here includes a devilish challenge to you to figure out the connection to Squirrels and the personal ‘connection’ to you.

Good luck with the rebranding and name contest ….. inspired.


LOL Jerky the Squirrel…. I can think of so many mis-meanings in the Aussie context 😉

Call the Squirrel ‘secret’!

Secret Squirrel! Even if this one doesn’t make the winner, that’s what we’ll be calling our secret Santas from now! Thanks Alice!

ooooh…. we could add a top hat to the Squirrel 😀
Thanks Bryony!

Squirrel McSquirrelface

HAHAHAHA Love it!!
Thanks Luke!

Cyril the Squirrel! We’ve got a few suggestions for Cyril so far, and I think it has a ring to it!
Thanks Ed!

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