The Squirrel Street and Link4 Merger Story

Today we begin a new chapter with Link4, to offer full e-Invoicing services to our customers.


Dear Squirrelers,

For over eight years you’ve stood by us during some of our biggest challenges and greatest successes. From our Shoeboxed Australia days to our Squirrel Street reinvention – you’ve been there for the moments that matter.

Now, we’re adding a new chapter to our continuing story.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve successfully partnered with the Australian company Link4 – an innovative organisation that specialises in electronic invoice delivery for small and medium-sized businesses. Here’s the press release.

This partnership means we can now provide full e-Invoicing services to all micro, small, and medium-sized organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Throughout our partnership with Link4 over the past 12 months, it became obvious that the organic connection we shared was only ever going to lead to one place – a long-term collaboration.

Like us, Link4 embrace an inclusive and understanding work culture – they’re family focused, support the long-term unemployed with permanent positions, and believe that customer service is at the heart of a good work day, a great work week, and an excellent working month.

Not many businesses are actually like that – and I know that together, we can pave the way forward for our clients and their businesses, providing them with easier solutions for their day-to-day invoicing needs.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, it’s simple. We believe that e-Invoicing is the future – and by combining our services with Link4, we’ll be able to seamlessly provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of e-Invoicing now and for years to come.

On your end, nothing will change. Just leave the hard work up to us.

None of our pioneering spirit is going anywhere – in fact, Squirrel Street and Link4 will continue to operate as separate products under their own unique brands.

There are however exciting plans to integrate and innovate between both product offerings in the near future.

Since we first started in this business, we’ve been known as an innovative organisation – one that has been an industry leader and an early driver of receipt scanning technology for smaller businesses. We rode the wave of this amazing journey as cloud accounting started to explode and we’ll continue to innovate and make our mark along the way.

Best of all, your favourite team of Squirrelers will still be around, and I’ll be starting my new role as Executive Chairman of the newly formed Board.

As our evolving story continues to grow, we can’t wait to write the next chapter with you by our side.


Your Questions Answered

Our history together:

We partnered in 2017 (read the news) to provide Link4 users with a seamless way to process their PDF invoices and have them sent into their cloud accounting software. Given the natural synergy we found through this partnership, with similar services and company cultures, it made sense to move forward with a merger.

About Link4 Australia:

Founded in Adelaide, Australia, in 2016 with backing from the entrepreneur-funded SouthStart Accelerator, Link4 specialises in electronic invoice delivery for small and medium businesses. The Link4 SaaS service is an Account Payables and Account Receivables automation solution that allows SMBs to exchange invoices and purchase bills instantly without requiring any software installation or long-term commitments.

What does it mean for me as a customer?

Nothing will change, and you won’t need to do a thing. Our team will remain the same, with the same phone, email, and URL. It’s still the same product.

Are you merging products?

Products across both businesses will remain as separate entities. There are exciting plans to integrate and innovate between both product offerings in the near future.

Are you going to increase subscription fees?

We have no plans to increase our subscription fees at this time.

Are you going to change names again?

No, we are not.


If you have any questions about this merger, please give us a call on 1300 001 333 or email us

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